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Hello East Nusa Penida Tour Package is one day tour package in Nusa Penida, with 1 day straight back and forth. This is a low budget tour package, we will take you to visit favorite places in East Nusa Penida from 7.30 to 16.30.

Nusa Penida, the island opposite Bali Island, is now an attractive destination for tourists. Nusa Penida Island offers natural beauty in the form of blue sea surrounded by rock cliffs to white sand beaches. You only have one day for a vacation in Nusa Penida? Stay cool! You can visit Atuh Beach, Diamond Beach, Teletubies Hill, Thousand Island, and Tree House.


Marvel at some of the most breathtaking views at the east of Nusa Penida Island. Visit the likes of Diamond Beach & Tree House Molenteng will totally make you feel lost in paradise


This package already includes all the following services:


Depart from Sanur Beach at 07:30 and return at 17:00 on the same day.



Rp. 350K / Pax
  • All Include + Itinerary